General Introduction:
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Welcome to the Quanting Evergreen Band and Evergreen Piano arrangements of old Norfolk dance music. Each Section contains tunes from a centre of music-making of old, intended for use in schools or by groups or individuals wanting some relatively easy music that is fun to play. The tunes are those used by people who played when needed at dances or social occasions; people who generally learnt by ear and therefore did not always play them the same. With all these tunes drive and enthusiasm are more important than accuracy. They are Dance tunes, and that's the best way to enjoy them.
All these documents are free to download. Just select the parts you need for your players and have a go! Normally the melody would have been played by whatever instruments were available, and the accompaniment was the simplest, being more rhythm than anything else. It is possible to add more and there are optional made up parts; Harmony (sometimes more difficult than the Melody), Simple Harmony, (sometimes requiring only a few different notes) and Bass included.
To keep all the files in one place, and to minimise download times, on each of the village pages, the music files have been compressed in "zip" files. Once on the village page, just click on the link you want and choose whichever option is appropriate.

Here are the home pages for each Village:
In the downloaded files, parts for each pair of tunes are listed as follows:
In C:
01 Melody at pitch (Violin, Flute, Recorder, Melodeon)
02 Harmony at pitch
03 Simple harmony at pitch
04 Bass in bass clef (Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Cello, Tuba)
In Bb:
05 Melody for Bb instruments (Clarinet, Cornet, Trumpet)
06 Harmony for Bb instruments
07 Simple harmony for Bb instruments
08 Bass for Bb insts, treble clef (Tenor Sax, Baritone, Bb Bass)
In Eb:
09 Melody for Eb instruments, treble clef (Alto Sax, Tenor Horn)
10 Harmony for Eb instruments, treble clef
11 Simple harmony for Eb instruments, treble clef
12 Bass for Eb instruments, treble clef (Baritone Sax, Eb Bass)
13 Simple accompaniment (Piano, Organ, Accordion)
14 Chord charts (Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Accordion, Bass)
15+ Score


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