Harry Cox of Catfield

Harry was born on March 27th 1885 at Pennygate, Barton Turf, across the Broad from Catfield where he lived most of his life, and died on May 6th, 1971 aged 86. He made his first recording in 1934 and his last in 1970 - a span of 36 years! He was also singing up to his 85th Party, in Hickling Pleasure Boat, also in 1970 and says he first sang in public at the age of 11 in the Union Tavern, Smallburgh - a period of some 74 years! He remembered also going to the pub with his father when he was only 4 and learning some of his songs and tunes, and from then on he made a life-long collection which he would sing to himself over and over to make sure he didn't forget them. He would get his sisters and later his daughter Myrtle to write out the words for him, for, as Myrtle says, "My father was not brilliant at writing". He was very enthusiastic at getting new songs: "Many a time, when I've heard of a man in another village who had a song I didn't know, I've walked over to see him and paid him sixpence to teach it to me. I've walked as far as fifteen miles for a song".
He was also unusual in that he wasn't a regular farm worker. Harry Durrants of Potter Heigham recalled, Harry was more of a businessman than the rest. "If he could earn a few more pound reed-cutting, he'd take on a few rod of reed. He'd do thatching, beet-hoeing, anything". This independence allowed Harry the freedom that the tied labourer didn't have. It later allowed him to go down to London or over to Norwich to make recordings of his songs. He grew into a very independent and capable man. He sang on the BBC's Country Magazine (1942-55) and As I roved out (1953-58) and was recorded on paper and tape by many enthusiasts over the years. He visited London many times to sing at Cecil Sharp House as well as on the radio and in the recently formed Folk-Song Clubs. He was also visited by local singers, and at the 85th Birthday Party the pub was packed with family, friends and enthusiasts from the region's folk clubs.

Taken from the sleeve-notes to Bonny Labouring Boy by Paul Marsh.
'There were other singers, but Harry strode like a colossus above them all' - Peter Coleman of Norwich.

Jimmy Hayne of Smallburgh

We know nothing about Jimmy Hayne apart from the fact that he probably lived in Smallburgh, played an instrument of some kind and was noted by Norwich piano teacher and dance tune collector Joan Roe in 1937 and possibly 1936 playing 4 tunes: Wayford Bridge Long Dance tune, Pipers' Fancy, also used for the Long Dance, Wayford Bridge Step Dance tune, and Yarmouth Reel

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Band Arrangements:
Title Key Form of tune From the playing of
Harry Cox's Polka No 2
Jenny Lind
18 bar Polka
32 bar Polka
Harry Cox
Harry Cox
Harry Cox's Schottische
Harry Cox's Polka No 1
16 bar Schottische
16 bar Schottische
Harry Cox
Harry Cox
Still I love him
Barton Waltz
16 bar Waltz
48 bar Waltz
Harry Cox
Harry Cox
Yarmouth Reel No 1
Wayford Bridge Step Dance
16 Bar hornpipe
16 bar hornpipe
Jimmy Hayne
Jimmy Hayne
Wayford Bridge Long Dance
Harry Cox's Hornpipe
32 bar Hornpipe
32 bar hornpipe
Jimmy Hayne
Harry Cox

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In the downloaded files, parts for each pair of tunes are listed as follows:
In C:
01 Melody at pitch (Violin, Flute, Recorder, Melodeon)
02 Harmony at pitch
03 Simple harmony at pitch
04 Bass in bass clef (Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Cello, Tuba)
In Bb:
05 Melody for Bb instruments (Clarinet, Cornet, Trumpet)
06 Harmony for Bb instruments
07 Simple harmony for Bb instruments
08 Bass for Bb instruments, treble clef (Tenor Sax, Baritone, Bb Bass)
In Eb:
09 Melody for Eb instruments (Alto Sax, Tenor Horn)
10 Harmony for Eb instruments
11 Simple harmony for Eb instruments
12 Bass for Eb instruments, treble clef (Baritone Sax, Eb Bass)
13 Simple accompaniment (Piano, Organ, Accordion)
14 Chord charts (Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Accordion, Bass)
15+ Score